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For Counselors

College Grazing can be a vital component of your high school college-guidance program. 

Our Self-Discovery Surveys (Munchings) provide valuable foundational information.  Have students complete the surveys before your counseling session and then have them bring their results with them.  You can quickly use the feedback as a springboard for helpful college discussions.  To initiate thoughtful college planning, you may want to take groups or full classes to the computer lab to have students complete the surveys.  As professionals, we know that there is a direct correlation between student self awareness and successful college selection. 

We have also included some college guidance activities that you can use to add variety to your counseling sessions—take a look.

Explore College Grazing to find dozens of other tools and resources for you and your students.  Begin by reading the two resources below:

College Guidance Activities: Counselors may find our guidance activities a good way to add variety to college counseling and group guidance

How to Use College Grazing: Some ideas about incorporating College Grazing into your college guidance program