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About College Grazing

The purpose of College Grazing is to help you think seriously about finding a college that fits your needs and dreams. College is a huge investment, so it makes sense to know what you want BEFORE you enroll.


College Grazing provides all the college planning tools that you need.  Across the top menu you will find the following headings:

  • Brainstorming: Here are tools and activities to gather information and insights into your college thinking.
  • College Planning: Here you will find help to organize and focus your college decision making.
  • Essay Guide: A complete writing guide to help you write a successful application essay.
  • CG Blog: Gain college planning tips and insights from College Grazing visitors.
  • Resources: Here is a thorough list of resources to help you with all aspects of the college search, including a college locator, career planning, and college financing.
  • Transition (Going to College): This section is for college bound seniors and their parents.  Here you will find tips, checklists, and sound ideas to make your transition to college a smooth one.  You will want to check out our Real College Guide too

However, at the core of College Grazing are its unique Discovery Surveys or what we call Munchings. Each of the thirteen munchings asks you a different key question about your view of college. Your responses to each question are tabulated and presented to you with an easy-to-read gauge, chart, or diagram. Each munching will help you clarify what you really want in post secondary education. It’s easy, insightful, and fun.


Parents will appreciate the list of tips and resources provided. They can work along with you as you move toward your college choice. Educators will find College Grazing to be an invaluable resource to help students with the college planning process. An Educators Resource Guide is included. We hope you will make College Grazing your one-stop college planning resource. It will make your college thinking clearer and, at the same time, more exciting.



—The College Grazing Team