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10 Great Apps For College Students

In today's rapidly paced technological environment, there is always a new program, gadget, or technological feature coming out that is designed to simplify our everyday lives. While this general concept has plenty of benefits for people in all sorts of different environments, new technologies can be particularly helpful for busy college students. Students these days are taking advantage of everything from advanced cloud computing networks from services like ShareFile, to simple, free electronic apps in order to make the rigours of a college schedule a bit more manageable. With that in mind, here is a look at 10 helpful apps for today's college student.

1. Evernote
This app simplifies class note-taking by syncing to all your devices. You can take notes, record audio files and even take pictures, and the app makes them easily accessible through a cloud network.

2. Share Your Board
This app is designed to adjust a picture of a whiteboard for maximum clarity. So, if you miss a few notes or simply don't take notes one day, Share Your Board can take a snapshot of the day's notes.

3. iTunes U
This app lets you download class material, notes, presentations, etc. from top universities from all over the world. It's great for some extra notes and perspectives on topics you're working on.

4. Mental Case
Mental Case is an app for flashcard studies. It allows you to create your own flashcards (with text or images) or to download existing sets of flashcards for your studies.

5. Readability
This is a great tool for students who need to read online articles. The app cuts and edits these articles, giving you just the text you need in a perfectly readable format.

6. Study Buddy
If you need motivation to study, Study Buddy can provide it. Basically, the app tracks your study habits and distractions to show you when you're not working efficiently.

7. iStudiez Pro
Think of this as the ultimate electronic planner. You can plug in class schedules, assignments, and anything else you need to keep track of your college schedule and work.

8. EZ Read
EZ Read is Sparknotes in mobile app form. The app offers a huge library of book summaries and study quizzes to help you in any literature-related studies.

9. Chegg
Designed to save students money, Chegg is a textbook rental service. You can compare rent vs. purchase prices, and rent for either a semester or a whole year. Chegg then provides you with the book, and allows you free shipping when you return it.

10. Instapaper
This app is basically useful for research while writing a paper or working on a presentation. It saves web pages for easy access, allowing you to compile sources and access them easily when you need to.